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Technology and the Built World

Olive Tree Ventures (OTV) is an early-stage PropTech & ConTech investor. We are passionate about partnering with innovative startups that have the potential to disrupt the Real Estate and Construction landscapes
Olive Tree Ventures is partnered with Olive Tree Holdings (OTH), a technology-first multibillion dollar Real Estate owner, operator, and affordable housing developer
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The Strategic Partner Network (SPN) was launched to connect forward thinking Real Estate / Construction stakeholders with innovative technology companies in order to accelerate the adoption of tech solutions in the built world
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What Our Founders Are Saying
“Olive Tree Ventures has been a transformational investor in Stake, providing critical resources ranging from sales strategy and recruiting to personal mentorship with Jeremy, Ian, and the entire OTV team. What forward looking startups in real estate need is a cross section of owners and operators to drive innovation at scale. This cross section is what the SPN brings to the table, and it is truly helping Stake achieve rapid growth through accelerated access to key decision makers at our target customer companies.”
“Olive Tree Ventures has been an incredible investor and strategic partner. Jeremy, Ian and the entire OTV team have been instrumental in guiding our go-to-market and sales execution processes, providing key industry insights we needed to accelerate our growth strategy. OTV has also introduced us to top-tier potential customers, advisors, venture investors, and strategic investors, which have helped us in every area of our business from product development to fundraising to customer acquisition.”
“Olive Tree Ventures has been a game-changing investor and partner. Jeremy and the entire OTH and OTV teams have been incredibly value-additive and have helped Kaya with everything from refining our product to signing pilot customers to bringing on additional investors.”
“Olive Tree Ventures has been instrumental in helping us continue to iterate on our product and create the best in class onboarding/offboarding software for multifamily owners and operators. Value-additive investors, such as Jeremy and Ian, have been critical to developing our strategic approach and position in the market while empowering our team along the way. Through the team’s guidance and support, Moved has seen substantial growth – gaining the ability to stress test our product, build our sales pipeline, and drive revenue via OTH and the SPN.”
“Jeremy has helped us refine our product and strategy even before OTV invested. His insight into various aspects of the industry and network is truly impressive. Any company would benefit greatly from having Jeremy and the OTV team.”
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